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Cosette spends a great deal of her Milliways time out back, at least in good weather, taking a stroll with her hand tucked into Marius or Valjean's elbow. She's very fond of that. It's like walking in their dear old Luxembourg Gardens, which of course she still does too at home, but here everything is wilder, and the passersby can be so peculiar; it's lovely.

But right now she's alone, except for the little grey dog trotting at her heels. It feels deliciously wild and daring to be out here alone, as it always does. But she's going to meet her mother for a morning picnic out by the lake, and what could be more respectable than that?

"Come along, ma puce," she says to her dog happily, "you know Mother is very kind, so you'll have plenty of tre-- did you hear that?"

Panza doesn't answer, of course, but she's looking in the same direction the sound seemed to come from, towards a clump of bushes near the forest's edge.

And it was a high, stifled whimper, like the sound of some small injured animal.

Cosette's alone. But the sun is shining and Panza is with her and it's a clump of bushes, not the forest's dark shadows, and -- and it's a hurt animal, something small and uncomprehending and in pain, and what if she can help it?

Her young face firms in decision, under the brim of her lace-trimmed bonnet, and she turns her steps that way.
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Bahorel is not exactly a small animal, nor in any obvious way injured, but he was definitely near the forest's edge. He comes sauntering out now,with an expression of curiosity probably not very unlike Cosette's little dog, looking around for the source of that noise.

--It's probably not the still-newly-Madame Pontmercy, or the little ball of fluff padding at her heels. He lifts a hand in greeting to them both. "Madame! and your very charming friend." He grins at Panza. But this is a shorter time for pleasantries than usual. "Did you hear--"

There, that. There is it again, sounding a little bigger than before. Whatever it is.
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Bahorel is not so secretly a huge sap himself. But that noise is-- not something familiar. And he thought he knew these woods fairly well...

"Let's see what it is then!" He sets off with the certainty of a man who's already dead, and who also has a fairly decent knife in his pocket these days.

...All right, maybe it's going to be dangerous, maybe he should send Cosette away. But it's not like she's alone. And besides, that little dog of hers looks about ready to bolt ahead.
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"It's a dinosaur" says Bahorel,voice low. "--They're from our own world, at least some times, but this one is much smaller than I'd thought they would be." And cuter!

..And it is getting ideas, with Panza growling at it and the two humans looking at it now. And that idea is to run. A bad idea, since that seems to be opening its wound again, and it's limping already; and worse , since Panza takes after it, as if to emphasize her point.
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They at least have to stop Panza from chasing the poor beast, even if they can't help. One of them is likely to hurt the other.

But this isn't a terribly high-paced chase, so Bahorel is loping at speed , rather than running, as he goes after Cosette and her dog. Which is why he has time to notice a certain symbol glowing on the bark of a tree as a stray branch springs out of Cosette's way, a little glowing delta. Ah.

It might be wise to call out a warning, or tell Cosette to stop, to try to keep her from entering the Labyrinth. That kind of carefulness isn't really his first instinct, and there's only time for a first instinct. But he does pick up his speed enough to make sure he's right beside her when she goes through--ah yes, there's a little arch of branches, that will do for an entrance. And he can feel it, as soon as they step through. The air is heavy and hotter and humid, the sound of the air is different, the smell!

They're in the Labyrinth. And still running after a small dinosaur. Who has , it seems, gotten itself trapped against a cliff by an even smaller dog, and is starting to look a bit upset about it , to judge by the tail-waving.
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He turns on his heel for a moment to look back through the little arch. As he expected, it's gone to large, alien branches and leaves filling the gap, with no sign of the open grounds of Milliways. He lets out a resigned whistle. "--It's the Labyrinth; it's taking us for a game."

He looks over at Cosette, where she stands shocked and open-mouthed."It's the Milliways Labyrinth--it shows up, from time to time. " He smiles; they're fine, probably! "I'll tell you all I know about it--" which isn't much "--but we have to sort out this little disagreement first, I think."

He nods towards the dinosaur and Panza, now looking for all the world like they're ready for a showdown. It's ridiculous-- the dinosaur, small as it is for its kind, is more than large enough to trample little Panza into paste. If they're lucky, they can calm things down before the dinosaur realizes that-- since Panza clearly has no idea of it.
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Bahorel steps slightly in front of Cosette, between her and the dinosaur, without thinking about it at all; habit beyond ingrained. He's not really worried about her in the moment, now that that dumbstruck look is gone. Bahorel is a great supporter of taking a moment to be awed by the world, but not to numbness. Especially when there's still a minor crisis in front of them. So: moving from act to act.

"Good; let's hope she minds when you put her down. --Do you know how to bandage a wound?" He nods at the obvious gash on the little dinosaur. "--I can, if you don't, but it would be as well if there was one of us to keep it still." And he is obviously the better choice for that, by sheer body mass alone if nothing else.