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Name:Cosette Fauchelevent
Cosette Fauchelevent is a young woman of 1832 Paris, just turned 17, artlessly charming. She's pretty, and she's aware of that, but mostly her charm comes from a deep love of life and people and laughter. She was raised mostly in a convent, and has only in the last few years begun to experience the outside world. She delights in it.

She has no mother; the only parent she knows is her father, who is sad and quiet and infinitely kind, who would deny himself all luxuries but denies her nothing. She loves him deeply.

She's betrothed to Marius Pontmercy. He's still recovering from the very nearly mortal injuries he sustained in a recently failed uprising, but that doesn't stop them from being besottedly happy with each other.

Her father has some secrets. To a lesser extent, so does her past.


Cosette has blue eyes, golden-brown hair, and a laughing, teasing, energetic air. She has excellent fashion sense as well -- although, given that in the 1830s this tends to mean enormous sleeves and many layers of petticoats and hair in a topknot and ringlets, Milliways patrons from other worlds or eras might not see the appeal.

She is 100% unmagically mortal human.


Cosette comes from Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. Her icons are of Amanda Seyfried from the 2012 movie adaptation, but I'm playing her primarily from book canon, although I may borrow from the musical adaptations occasionally. (For example, you can assume that her hair is probably more intricately arranged than icons indicate.) This journal exists for the purpose of playing at [community profile] milliways_bar, which is an endeavor that makes me no money whatsoever.

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1830s fashion, fashion, fauchelevent, jean valjean, marius pontmercy, paris, poofy sleeves, ringlets, the luxembourg garden, the petit-picpus convent, ultime fauchelevent
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