farouche_bravoure: Fantine with bonnet in rainbow colors (Default)
Fantine ([personal profile] farouche_bravoure) wrote in [personal profile] lark_in_flight 2016-01-27 05:18 am (UTC)

Fantine is startled into a laugh. "All right, my dear, all right. You may say I'm good, and I won't contradict you! I--I've always tried to be. And I know God forgives us all, and I always tried to keep you safe and happy, and look, here you are, married to a good man, and everything so nice for you! And now you can be even happier, now that M. Madeleine is back with you and will get well soon. And I can see you whenever you come here, and there's nothing to keep us apart. So God has answered my prayers and forgiven all my sins, and he must be smiling down on both of us."

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