lark_in_flight: Cosette in a black dress with white trim, only the lower half of her face visible (daughter of the convent)
Cosette Fauchelevent ([personal profile] lark_in_flight) wrote 2016-01-26 05:46 am (UTC)

While her mother is gone, Cosette sits for a moment in the quiet of the room, broken only by the skylark's chirping and fluttering as it hops around the room.

Then her face crumples again, though she's out of tears for the moment, and she slumps over sideways to curl up on her mother's bed like a child, and press her face miserably to her knees.

She doesn't know how many minutes pass. But then there are steps in the hallway, and a hand on the latch; she sits up hastily, and finds a watery attempt at a smile for her mother.

Obediently she takes the hot chocolate, and sips at it. "You're so very good to me, Mother," she murmurs.

The hot chocolate is rich and sweet, and it slides down her throat like ambrosia. She hadn't realized she was thirsty or hungry at all.

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