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Fantine ([personal profile] farouche_bravoure) wrote in [personal profile] lark_in_flight 2016-01-25 12:37 am (UTC)

Fantine lets out a long, soft hiss. "He tried to kill you, as a child," she manages to say, when she feels capable of speech. "He tried to keep me from you, and then to keep M. Madeleine from you, and if M. Madeleine hadn't escaped him, you would have been left with the Thénardiers. They--"

She breaks off. Cosette has forgotten the Thénardiers, so M. Madeleine has said, and Fantine won't force her to remember. "If Javert told you of M. Madeline's past, it was out of malice, to hurt him. It must have been. Some might share the truth out of kindness, or simple honesty. Not Javert. He was trying to hurt your father by revealing his secrets as he lay ill."

She laughs, suddenly. "And what a fool he is. Surely you can't hate your father for stealing bread! How can that be a crime? Those who set the bread prices too high, the police should send them to prison!"

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