lark_in_flight: Cosette in a black dress with white trim, only the lower half of her face visible (daughter of the convent)
Cosette Fauchelevent ([personal profile] lark_in_flight) wrote 2016-01-23 11:51 pm (UTC)

"D-do you?"

Did everybody except her?

But no, that's not fair. Her mother has told her a great deal, and her father's secrets are secrets, with good reason to hide them from everyone -- of course people who don't know her father and his goodness would think terrible things, because they don't know him. He was only trying to protect her. So was her Marius, with whatever he did or didn't know, what he knew or didn't know -- they were both only trying to protect her. And her dear mother has always told her the truth.

"I know a little. I know something. It's horrible, it's so sad, I don't know what happened -- not really. But I know something. I only just learned today, just a little while ago."

She would have said that M. Javert told her, and perhaps she still will, in a little while, but her mother reacted so badly before. She seemed so afraid. Cosette doesn't want to hurt her again.

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