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Fantine ([personal profile] farouche_bravoure) wrote in [personal profile] lark_in_flight 2016-01-15 12:44 am (UTC)

"Oh! But I spoke to him, and he wouldn't see sense, but he did say he saw you every day. He said he would not stop seeing you. He said that. Did he--he wouldn't lie to me, surely." Fantine could not think he would. "Why did he change his mind?"

The question is almost forgotten, though, at Cosette's final words: "Javert!"

Fantine turns chalk white. Her hands clench around the fabric of Cosette's dress. Suddenly she feels cold. She hadn't expected that name, not here, in her room, with her daughter. "He can't hurt me here," she says aloud, without meaning to, and breathing very hard. "He can't--but he could hurt your father, in Paris! Oh, I see it all now! It's his wicked scheme, all of it. He wanted to hurt M. Madeleine in Montreuil-sur-mer and when he couldn't...oh, he must have kept your father from you, with his threats! And then brought you to him for some secret wicked reason of his own--well, never mind that! M. Madeleine is here now and will get well, and so much for Javert!"

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