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Jean Valjean ([personal profile] road_to_calvary) wrote in [personal profile] lark_in_flight 2014-05-05 11:55 pm (UTC)

'Ah, Father Harman. He is a very good man.'

As long as you are not a vampire. He does not want to scare her unduly, so he does not say it.

'The lights come from electricity. It is a quite wondrous invention. You will become used to it in the bar. The young lady with the blue hair is Noriko. She is a mutant - she creates electricity with her hands.'

Or channels it. He is unclear on the details, and is a little wary of asking her about it further. Their conversations often disquiet him, because he wants to help her and does not know how.

'A great lord, very tall...I imagine that would be Elrond. He is an elf.'

And in a similar situation to his own, having lost his daughter to a man. It pains him to think of, so he moves on quickly.

'And a boy from Paris - I imagine that would be Gavroche.'

He hesitates before speaking on, because he does not want Cosette hurt by asking for details that would be difficult for her to hear. But she will likely find out anyway, and perhaps it would be better for her to be prepared.

'He was acquainted with Marius.'

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