lark_in_flight: Cosette, her hair down and braided, beaming with private joy (a faraway song)
Cosette Fauchelevent ([personal profile] lark_in_flight) wrote 2014-05-05 11:39 pm (UTC)

"I met the holy father who led the Mass. He said he was from London -- he opened the door to show me the hallway outside his office. I thought that was a dream too. The light was so strange!" She's laughing a little, remembering, confused anew now that she knows it was real.

"A little girl, and a young woman named No-- Nour-- I don't remember her name. It was foreign. She dyed her hair blue, can you imagine, papa? I don't know why anyone would want to do such a thing. It made her look quite inhuman, like a fairy in a story. And a great lord -- he reminded me of you a little, papa, he was so tall and so kind -- and a boy from Paris."

A young man, really, but Cosette is engaged with eyes only for Marius, and her father is so protective -- and there's a little of the coquette in Cosette. She will say boy, and avoid any silliness.

And as for Diana -- Cosette still doesn't know what to think of her, and would likely blush when mentioning her, so she doesn't.

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