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Team-building hedge maze adventures

Cosette has spent rather a lot of time walking the Milliways grounds in recent weeks, either with her father or with her husband. It's no Luxembourg Gardens, but there's a half-wild charm to the grounds all the same, and in any case she'd enjoy walking on the surface of the moon if it were with someone she loved.

So she's strolling along on a gentle path by the lakeside, her hand tucked into Marius's elbow. Her head is tipped against his shoulder, insofar as her bonnet allows.

Is that a squirrel up ahead of them on the path? How sweet, she thinks, and smiles at the little creature.
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"Have you no-- no police, no inspectors, who might investigate this for you?" Marius asks, but Aloysius shakes his head sadly.

"Well-- well--" Marius casts an uncertain glance back at Cosette. "Suppose you showed us where it is? A-- a fresh pair of eyes, you know, perhaps we might-- see something."