lark_in_flight: Cosette in a large bonnet, looking neutral or slightly uncertain (in a crowd)
Cosette Fauchelevent ([personal profile] lark_in_flight) wrote 2016-03-11 04:38 am (UTC)


She thought about the possibility, but she didn't really expect to be answered. For a moment, she's wide-eyed.

Then she rallies. "Why -- why, you are a person, then! Aren't you?" A quick glance at Marius, with a certain you hear all this happening too, right? Okay! Just checking! look about the eyes, but mostly she's being determinedly bright and cheerful. "How do you do?"

How do you talk to a squirrel? Well, the same as you'd talk to anyone else, she supposes. And squirrels are little creatures, and so quick and scurrying and easy to startle, and no harm to anything but a tidy attic. So perhaps she ought to make sure to be reassuring, as well.

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