lark_in_flight: Cosette looking upwards, uncertain and/or worried (answers that somehow seem wrong)
Cosette Fauchelevent ([personal profile] lark_in_flight) wrote 2016-01-25 08:11 pm (UTC)


She catches at his hands, draws them to her rosy face, frees a hand after all to stroke back his white hair.

"I know, Father, I know that you suffered terribly, and you hid away to protect us, and -- and I know people would think awful things, if they didn't know you. Of course it was a shock. I knew you had secrets but I didn't -- I didn't know anything, you never told me a thing. Someone who didn't know how good you were might think something awful. But you see, I do know you. Don't you see? You are so very good! Mother has told me too, you did so much good for me, even when I was a little child, you did so much good for everyone. Please -- please, Papa, please, don't hide away from me again. Not from your Cosette. I tell you if I have my father and my husband I don't care a thing for anybody else, I will be ever so happy. The three of us will be so happy together! As long as I have both of you I don't mind anything."

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